Ideal investors, building land from 10.000 €

NORTH PORT booming

You probably never thought about it, but investing in land in FLORIDA, especially in NORTH PORT, presents a real opportunity. 

Located in southern Sarasota County, North Port, Florida is a booming city. The demand for land for sale in this sector is very high.

In the south-west of FLORIDA, NORTH PORT is known for its temperate climate and beautiful views of the harbor. The city was established in 1959 and cthere is rapid growth with a population of over 57 inhabitants.

Residential land in North Port turns out to be a very lucrative investment.

As mentioned earlier, the city's population has increased in recent years. For example, there were only 22 people residing in the city in 000. The population has almost tripled in just 2000 years, making it one of the most popular and demanded cities in the state.

How fast is North Port growing?

The city makes it easy for an investor to buy land and build it later. Many of our clients have also chosen not to build on their land. Instead, they wait for the population to grow more and land to become even more scarce.

However, land on the west coast will sell for more than land on the east. Why? The west is closer to the ocean. If there's one thing Floridians love, it's enjoying the beautiful waters of the ocean.

Current market prices

North Port has seen an increase in investors buying m² of land cheaply  for the purpose of building and reselling the property at a higher price. With an inventory much lower than in other areas of the state, such as Lehigh Acres, savvy investors know they need to seize the best opportunities as quickly as possible.

We have seen the current trends in the region:

- Rising price

- Properties sold quickly

- Cash buyers benefiting from significant discounts

Some of the properties in our inventory that have recently been sold are:

- 0,23 acre (930 m²) of prime residential land with electricity and paved road access for only $ 8000.

- An oversized 12415 square foot lot with electricity for only $ 7200. The buyer plans to immediately build a house on the land.

- An investor bought a building plot for $ 8000. This same land sold for $ 42 in 000.

Building residential homes seems to be the preferred method for achieving a solid return on investment. Condominiums are on the rise, but the cost of these properties is still much lower than the costs of single-family homes. The land for sale in North Port, Florida also comes with an added bonus: the attractions.

Entertaining nearby

North Port's location puts you in the middle of a wide variety of favorite entertainment options. You can spend the day playing golf while your counterparts take a bike ride to the fishing village. Consider a short trip to Fort Myers for a real pirate ship cruise or give the kids a fun day at the amusement park.

Don't miss the chance of a lifetime for a seaplane ride to Sanibel Island, and if you love airplanes, the International Air Show is even closer to home at the Punta Gorda Airport.

Florida's most famous attractions are just a three hour drive away. Legoland is opening soon at Disney Orlando and Universal is expanding as well. There is always something new about these places. Back home, take the time to enjoy a sailboat cruise. It’s an amazing experience. You simply couldn't be better placed to take advantage of all South Florida has to offer. Naples and Key West to the south and Anna Maria Island to the north.

A vibrant nightlife and great locals make this one of the best cities to visit. Not only does this mean that owners can have fun, but there is a lot of potential to rent out properties and earn recurring income each month.

North Port is rapidly expanding and seasoned investors are buying land right now.

Our services in FLORIDA at NORTH PORT

a 100% French service, present in FLORIDA since 2001


We offer a list of land and houses for sale in developing areas of NORT PORT, in which you will find different types of properties at different budgets.


We offer the possibility of financing your projects in FLORIDA via a French bank in the form of a mortgage loan. The bank will finance up to 70% of the purchase price. Loan accessible subject to and after study of the file.


We offer the opportunity to build homes in rapidly developing areas of NORTH PORT. 3 to 4 bedroom homes offering rentals between $ 1400 and $ 1800 / month. Ideal rental investment.

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