Rental yields up to 17% net

Why invest in Cleveland?

For starters, northeast Ohio has a burgeoning population of 4,5 million. The Cleveland area is no longer the city of yesteryear, it now boasts a thriving and diverse economic workforce, a rich cultural background, and high-quality neighborhoods that generate 10-15% or more of rental returns.


This regional success can be attributed to the many companies and investors who see the opportunity to plant and grow in Cleveland. In fact, we are already home to 10 companies in the ranking, including Goodyear, First Energy, Sherwin Williams and Progressive Insurance. Not to mention a healthy and growing industrial sector, comprising companies such as Ford, Arcola Aluminum Company, General Steel Corporation and ArcelaorMittal, all of which have added thousands of jobs to Cleveland.


Cleveland also has a world-renowned medical field, as well as the fastest growing healthcare economy in the United States. We proudly host the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital, both with multiple campuses and record growth rates. Since 2013, we've also been home to the Global Center for Health and Innovation, the first and only facility in the world to display the future of health and healthcare.


When it comes to higher education, we also have over 25 universities and colleges in the Cleveland area including Cleveland State University, Case Western, Baldwin Wallace, John Carroll, and various others. This educational environment attracts academics of all ages and from all walks of life from all over the world.


How to invest in Cleveland?

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A complete service to optimize your investment at CLEVELAND

Selection of goods

We will offer you a list of renovated and located properties. You will find different types of properties with different budgets. We will advise you on the houses corresponding to your request.

Rental management

With a proactive team and 24 / 7 on the spot, we guarantee an irreproachable service in the management of your goods. You do not have to worry about anything, we are there.

LLC creation + bank account

We take care of managing your accounting from the creation of your LLC to the tax return. We also offer a remote bank account opening service and other services.